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13th Edition, from February 27th to March 8th, 2015 


edward snowden live AT THE FIFDH

mini_4842-miguelbueno.jpgEdward Snowden made a live appearance last night during the debate "Cybersurveillance : a call for action" co-presented with Amnesty International.

He explained his approach "For me it was not a question of courage but of necessity" and expressed his hope for asylum in Switzerland. He asserted his love for his country, the United States, by underlining that "patriotism is not a question of love for government. Patriotism is about loving your country. [...] People who really love their country are the people who stand up and say when things are going wrong and they try to put them right".

The entire debate can be watched again on livestream and in our videos debates gallery.



The 13th edition of the FIFDH is drawing to a close, but there is still lots to discover! Here are the last events not to be missed: 

Today, the Pitoëff Theatre welcomes a public symposium on the animated documentary film, between case study and round table, organized with the support of the Federal Office of Culture. Tonight will be the occasion to discover the international premiere of La France est notre Patrie (France is our Mother Country), a powerful and original film on the past of Cochin China, in the presence of director Rithy Panh. 

Also tonight, the film-discussion Whistleblowers: Guilty or heroes, co-presented with the World Organization Against Torture, will question the fate of whistleblowers. Earlier in the evening, When Children take over their own destiny, co-presented with the city of Geneva, will be an opportunity to debate over child labour in the world.

On Saturday, March 7th, the shocking documentary Generation Maidan: A Year of War & Revolution will precede a discussion on the current situation in Ukraine and the responsibility of the Russian government. The films rewarded by our International Jurys will be revealed during the closing night ceremony, before the screening of The President by celebrated Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf. The award winners will be screened on Sunday, March 8th at the Grütli theaters. 

The festival ends on this Sunday, March 8th, on International Women’s Day. For this occasion, the FIFDH proposes a programme celebrating the engagement of women throughout the world, with three exceptional film events: The Role of Women in the Peace Process, Women musicians, women activists, and Afghanistan: when women step out of the shadows

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The festival has begun !

mini_0047-miguelbueno.jpgThe festival kicked off yesterday, during an opening ceremony that paid a beautiful tribute to Charlie Hebdo and cartoonists over the world, in which Patrick Chappatte communicated a video message and the filmCaricaturistes, fantassins de la démocratie was projected in the presence of the director.

Reda Kateb, César 2015 of the best male supporting role, was also present in Geneva. Having presented his masterclass at the Pitoëff Theatre, he introduced Cutter Hodierne’s Fishing Without Nets, an award-winner at Sundance and selected in our "Fiction and human rights" competition. 

Danis Tanovic’s Tigers set off our first thematic evening Nestlé au Pakistan, le scandale du lait infantile.

Every day on our website, you can find in the early afternoon our "capsule" vidéos, which will present the day to come. Look out for the photos of our events, accessible on the site’s dedicated page. 

The festival is up-and-running, and we at FIFDH look forward to seeing you during the festival !


D-1 before the start of the festival!

Many major events will be taking place this Friday and at the weekend. 

Reda Kateb, César 2015 for the best male supporting role for Hippocrates, will conduct a masterclass on Friday february 27 at 4:30pm at the Théâtre Pitoëff. At 6:30pm, he will present Cutter Hodierne’s Fishing Without Nets, an award-winner at Sundance and presented as part of our "Fiction and human rights" competition. At 8:30pm, our opening film Caricaturistes, fantassins de la démocratie will screen in tribute to Charlie Hebdo.

You will also find our first "A film, a topic, a debate" evenings. Nestlé in Pakistan, the Baby Milk Scandal on february 27, Paris Climate 2015: Where is civil society? on February 28, and Ebola, the Lessons to be Learned as well as Ivory Coast, to Forgive or to Judge on March 1. New films by Danis Tanovic, Tigers, and the Yes Men, The Yes Men Are Revolting, will notably be presented on these occasions. 

There will also be an opportunity on the 28th to discover Sabogal, the first colombian animated series and a genuine event of this edition, in its world premiere, but also to participate in our discussion on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the genocide of Srebrenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Our whole program, all our films, and all the details are of course available on the website.

We look forward to seeing you during the festival!



Edward Snowden will participate in the debate Cybersurveillance : a Call for Action by video conference, co-presented with Amnesty International on March 5th at Pitoëff. 

Darius Rochebin, journalist for RTS (Radio Télévision Suisse), will moderate the debate. Also taking part in the debate are Ewen MacAskill, Guardian correspondent who was present in Hong-Kong alongside Glenn Greenwald during Edward Snowden’s revelations, Hubertus Knabe, a historian specialized in Stasi history, and Sherif El Sayed-Ali, Deputy Director of Global Issues at Amnesty International. 

This event will also be an opportunity to discover Laura Poitras’ CITIZENFOUR, winner of last night’s Academy Award for Best Documentary, which will compete in the Creative Documentaries section of the FIFDH. The film will be released in French-speaking Switzerland on March 25th, 2015 with distribution by First Hand Films.