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Belorusskaya Mechta (Belarussian Dream)

Russia // 2011 // Couleur // 55''
Russian/Belarusian/English with French subtitles

“An island of stability” is how Alexander Loukachenko sees his country. Elected in 1994, the controversial dictator still rules Belarus. But what has really been going on in this “clean little paradise” over the past 18 years?
With shots straight out of an American thriller and archival footage, a voice-over, speaking in the first person, reveals the hidden side of a country subjected to brutal repression where universal rights are flouted; a country suffering from a severe economic crisis and alienated by outrageous propaganda. Here, having a differing political opinion means prison. And prison means torture. Several dissidents are still “disappeared” while others have publicly reneged on their convictions. At what price? When the camera zooms in on faces, the bruises show. And yet dreams continue to be dreamed, and young people still shine with hope, in love with change.


Grütli Langlois
14h 30 Friday 02 March

Grütli Simon
14h 30 Saturday 10 March

Fonction Cinéma
17h 00 Sunday 11 March


Ekaterina Kibalchich

SCÉNARIO: Ekaterina Kibalchich
IMAGE: Aleksandr Borozenko
MONTAGE: Andrei Stvolinski
MUSIQUE: Vinsent Imagem Production Music
AVEC: Denis Tarasenko
PRODUCTION: LasTV - Aleksander Lyakin
DISTRIBUTION: Solidarity with Belarus information office, Alexandra Kirby-Lepesh, Ul Chmielna 15/204 00-021, Warsa
TÉL: +48 501 252 007