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Dans la peau de Vladimir Poutine

France // 2012 // Couleur // 80'

A slightly uncouth voice-over against a background of archival footage: Vladimir Putin tells us about himself.
With the cynicism for which he is known, he retraces his unstoppable rise to the position of power he has been occupying for the past twelve years – a position that he vows to keep until at least 2024. Nothing predestined this man to become the new czar of the Russian Federation. Putin makes no bones of that fact; he sees himself and all those whose paths he has crossed too sharply for that. Working for the KGB (now the FSB) in the past and using it today to control the country, he simply took advantage of what it could teach him.
It would be useless to imitate this character. Vladimir Putin, the people’s Superman, instinctively makes an act of his life. He is a perfect actor whose talents journalist and film-maker Karl Zéro exploits to the hilt. Attributing a totally invented interior monologue to his authentic protagonist, he succeeds in painting a sweet-and-sour psychological portrait of the ex and future master of the Kremlin, halfway between caricature and historical truth.


19h 00 Saturday 10 March
In presence of the filmmakers

Grütli Simon
16h 00 Sunday 11 March
In presence of the filmmakers


Karl Zéro, Daisy d'Errata

SCÉNARIO: Karle Zero, Daisy d'Errata
SON: Creative Sound
MUSIQUE: Laurent Levesque
PRODUCTION: La Mondiale de production
DISTRIBUTION: La Mondiale de production, Karl Zero, 6 rue Guillaume Tell, 75017, Paris
TÉL: +33607617188