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Ambassadřren (The Ambassador)

Denmark // 2012 // Couleur // 93'
Danish/English with English/French subtitles

Mads Brügger isn’t scared of stirring up trouble. Armed with a cigarette-holder, sunglasses and high boots, he turns up in the Central African Republic (RCA) to do exactly that. In a perfect take-off of the (neo)colonialist in Africa, he introduces himself as a rich businessman planning to build a match factory with the help of the Pygmies, while what he’s really interested in is making a diamonds deal that will let him leave with his pockets full of precious stones.
Carrying a fake Liberian diplomatic passport, this enigmatic and decadent journalist has no trouble at all posing as the archetype of the racist and unscrupulous white ambassador. In a completely off-beat fashion,
The Ambassador denounces corruption in the RCA. The director offers us an ironic, satirical and humorous view of the world of diplomacy in Africa.


Grütli Langlois
21h 00 Saturday 03 March

Grütli Simon
18h 30 Wednesday 07 March

Fonction Cinéma
19h 30 Sunday 11 March


Mads Brügger

IMAGE: Johan Stahl Winthereik
MONTAGE: Carsten, Kimmo, Leif Axel Sřsted, Taavila, Kjeldsen
SON: Hans Christian, Andreas Kock, Kongsgaard Mogensen
PRODUCTION: Zentropa Rambuk - Peter Engel
DISTRIBUTION: TrustNordisk Susan Wendt Filmbyen 2650, Hvidovre, Denmark
TÉL: +45 3686 876