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Cinema Jenin

Germany/Israel // 2011 // Couleur // 95'
Arabic/German/English with French subtitiles

Jenin, bastion of Palestinian resistance. German film-maker Marcus Vetter goes to Jenin to make a film about Ismael Kathib, whose little boy was killed in an Israeli raid. Once in Jenin, however, something happens that makes him change his mind: director Kathib and a friend have decided to rebuild the Jenin cinema as a cultural center, a space for dialogue where Israelis will be welcome. A wild dream, the project quickly takes shape and form, attracting support from the German and Palestinian governments. Volunteers turn up from everywhere; obstacles as well. But the latter never affect the determination of the three men, convinced that culture is the best ambassador for peace. Written like a road movie, going far beyond borders, religious affiliations and identity, Cinema Jenin is a song of fraternity, a promise of a better future.


Grütli Simon
16h 00 Friday 02 March

Grütli Simon
20h 45 Saturday 10 March


Marcus Vetter

IMAGE: Alex Bakri
MONTAGE: Saskia Metten
SON: Stefan Binggeser & Aljoscha Haupt
PRODUCTION: Filmsperspektive, Boomtown and Cinephil // Südwestdeutscher Rundfunk, Bayerischerfunk Arte & Yes TV
DISTRIBUTION: Cinephil Philippa Kowarsky, 18 Levontin Street, Tel-Aviv 65112, Israel
TÉL: +972.3.5664129