FIFDH Grand Prize for the Best Creative Documentary Competition - Awarded by the state of Geneva, CHF 10'000.-


Presided by the chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei - denied a passport - and composed of the syrian actress Fadwa Suleiman, the french filmmaker Romain Goupil, and the swiss cartoonist Patrick Chappatte, the Jury for the Creative Documentary Competition has decided to award its prizes to the following films:


  CAMP 14 : TOTAL CONTROL ZONE by Marc Wiese
This film is unique for the nightmarish testimony of a young man who was born in a North Korean concentration camp. He talks of totalitarian folly and of the pain of his destiny.

The Barbara Hendricks Foundation for Peace and Reconciliation Prize, In memory of Sergio Vieira de Mello, CHF 5000.-


    THE ACT OF KILLING by Joshua Oppenheimer
Moving between grotesque and tragedy, a particularly striking portrait of mass killers who proudly claim to have committed crimes, in full impunity, in the 1960s in Indonesia, with the complicity of the current regime.

Best Fiction Prize - Awarded by the Hélène and Victor Barbour Foundation, CHF 10'000.-


The Fiction and Human Rights Prize, composed of Elena Hazanov, filmmaker, Russia/Switzerland, Rada Sesic, filmmaker and curator, Croatia/Bosnia/Netherlands, Andrew Cohen, filmmaker and journalist, USA, and Philippe Cottier, secretary of the Barbour Foundation, Switzerland, has awarded its prize to:

  SHARQIYA by Ami Livne
Among its many strengths, perhaps Sharqiya's finest quality is understatement. The film highlights human rights issues without sensationalism. It uses a minimalist structure steaming with narrative tension, unstated truths as omnipresent as the desert winds. Using a semi-documentary style and brilliantly unobtrusive performances of its leading actors, the film spotlights an issue too often in the shadows. The subject matter and story's payoff show us once again that standing up for human rights is an unending commitment.

World Organization Against Torture (OMCT) Grand Prize - CHF 5'000.-


Awarded by the OMCT, to a director whose film is testimony to his or her commitment in favor of human rights.
    The OMCT Competition jury is honoured to grant its award to
OUTLAWED IN PAKISTAN by Habiba Nosheen and Hilke Schellmann

This documentary tells of the damage done by archaic customs, in conjunction with an absence of protection on the part of the state and a dysfunctional judiciary system : the victim of an abject collective rap finds herself doubly criminalized by her own society's denial. Nevertheless, a ray of hope remains, as the victim resists, supported by her family and pakistani civil society. The undeniable cinematographic quality of the film reinforces its content.


Young Jury Prize - Fiction and Human Rights Prize


Awarded by a jury of five young high-school students to one of the films in the Creative Documentary competition (honorary prize).
The Young Jury is honoured to award this prize to an innovative film, caracterized by a true intellectual position :


  IN UTERO SREBRENICA by Giuseppe Carrieri.
Through testimonies revealing the neglected consequences of the war, the film honours all women who have been separated from their children by faceless conflicts. The exceptional framing and the black and white images create a specific link between the aesthetic of the film and its theme, confronting hope and truth, reality and illusion with humility. For if there is a word to designate children who have lost their parents, there is none to designate the pain of a lost child.

Prix du jury des jeunes --‐ compétition fiction et Droits Humains


Awarded by a jury of five young high-school students to one of the films in the Fiction and Human Rights competition (honorary prize).

  We are honoured to award this prize to a film which denounces, with great accuracy and subtlety, the reality which the Roma community must daily face in the heart of Europe. This story, which follows the events of a single day, kept us on the edge of our seats thanks to a growing tension, to the beauty of its images, and to remarkable mise-en-scène.

We have named JUST THE WIND (CZAK A SZEL) by Bence Fliegauf, a disturbing film which will leave no one unmoved.