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Dance of Outlaws

Finland/Norway // 2012 // Couleur // 82'
vo fr/arabic, st fr

Hind has no existence. Her name has disappea- red from official records. Raped and sold into prostitution at the age of 15, her story is that of a young Moroccan girl, an outcast from patriar- chal society. Three times a mother, the young woman courageously dreams of marrying her fiancé who is in prison, finding a job and retrie- ving her daughter. Until the dream comes true, Hind dances at weddings, a status which drags her into a downward spiral. Dance of Outlaws describes the quest for a settled identity of those living on the absolute margins. The strength of Mohamed El Aboudi’s directing is to never sink into misery. Hind is not one to give up. In Moroc- co, prey to its traditions, her hopes, her laughter and courage appear to open a door to freedom, like the promise of an endlessly deferred Spring time.


Grütli Langlois
19h 00 Saturday 02 March

Grütli Langlois
19h 00 Friday 08 March


Mohamed El Aboudi

SCÉNARIO: Mohamed El Aboudi
IMAGE: Marita Hällfors
MONTAGE: Erik Andersson
SON: Marti Turunen
PRODUCTION: Illume Ltd, Road Movies Ltd
DISTRIBUTION: DR International Sales, Emil Holms Kanal 20, DK-0999 Copenhague, Danemark
TÉL: +45 35203928