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Attack of the drones

Netherlands // 2012 // Couleur // 26'
vo eng/dutch, st fr

One of the most disturbing post-September 11 developments has been the imperceptible but inexorable use of drone missile attacks. Able to build towers as well as launch mis- siles, their construction is getting easier every day, and drones will soon be within the reach of many nations. Aready used as surveillance aircrafts, will they now launch a new arms race?

Attack of the Drones is a short documentary by a Dutch team that asks tough questions. Do drones, which are able to effectively exe- cute pre-programmed tasks, really spare lives in the process? Might their use for sur- veillance purposes present a threat to civil liberties? Who can produce drones, and for what purposes? Unsettling answers emerge which reveal that drones may present one of the most dangerous technologies of our time for democratic societies and for peace throu- ghout the world.


Auditorium Arditi
20h 00 Saturday 02 March



Vincent Verweij

SCÉNARIO: Vicent Verweij
IMAGE: Frank Moll
MONTAGE: Fred Sengers
SON: Jeroen Bos
DISTRIBUTION: Journeyman Pictures, 4-6 High Street, Thamas Ditton, Surrey, KT7 ORY, UK
TÉL: +44 (0) 208 786 6058