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High tech low life

China/USA // 2012 // Couleur // 88'
vo mandarin/chinese dialects, st fr/eng

"Zola" is a young Chinese. Wishing to escape from family constraints, he creates a blog and writes satirical messages about incidents he discovers. "Tiger Temple" is 57 years old. He tra- vels throughout the country, drawing attention to those forgotten by China’s development. But at the approach of the Olympic Games, the Chinese state abruptly hardens its policy. High Tech, Low Life shows the other side of the “Great Firewall of China”, the dreaded Internet censorship sys- tem developed by the Chinese state. Focusing on two activists from different generations, the film constantly reminds us of the threatening Chinese state lurking in the background. Constantly faced with obstacles posed by a faceless bureaucracy, "Zola" and "Tiger Temple" nevertheless embody the uncompromising ideal of free speech.


Grütli Langlois
16h 15 Thursday 07 March

Grütli Simon
14h 00 Saturday 09 March


Stephen Maing

SCÉNARIO: Stephen Maing
IMAGE: Stephen Maing
MONTAGE: Stephen Maing
PRODUCTION: Mud Horse Pictures, LLC et The Independent Television service (ITVS) en association avec : Center fo
DISTRIBUTION: Cats'n docs - 18 rue Quincampoix, 75004, Paris, France
TÉL: +33 1 83 97 05 46